Hygienist and Preventative Care

It is important to us to try to work out what patients feel they want and need, and for us to suggest options that will provide successful and sensible outcomes, both for the now and in the future. For each circumstance there are usually a range of options.




Hygienist Treatment

Our hygienist is available to provide treatment, and can be directly accessed by appointment. Some hygiene treatment is  provided by the dentist as part of your course of treatment.  Hygiene treatment will include preventative advice.

Helping you help yourself

Although preventative treatments are available it’s what happens away from the dental surgery that has the greatest impact. Through discussion help can be provided to adapt to new ways of thinking leading to a better understanding of how patients can help themselves.  

Preventative treatments

Some treatments can aid in prevention such as fissure sealants, topical fluoride applications and occlusal splints.