Dental care for all. From the youngest to the oldest, individuals to families we endeavour to enable all to benefit from a balanced tailored approach.
Informed choice is central to knowing what is possible.



  1. Do you provide implants?
    Yes we have a specialist registered prosthodontist who not only can provide implants as part of your integrated care. 
  2. Do you have payment plans?
    Yes we have Denplan Care. We would be happy to discuss the options available to you. 
  3. Can I see a Hygienist?
    Yes dental hygiene can be the start of your dental care. 
  4. Do you provide cosmetic treatment?
    Yes we emphasize not only the initial outcome but also the long term prognosis. 
  5. How much is treatment likely to cost?
    At the initial assessment you will be provided with an itemised treatment plan. Please see our price guide for approximate costs. 
  6. How much is an examination appointment & what does it entail?
    For a recall patient this will cost for a 15 minute appointment £58.50, and all that is achievable in that time span, where time does allow, a scale & polish plus standard X rays.

    For a new patient the cost of an examination lasting 30 minutes will cost £117.00. This will include accumulating a lot of information about you and your previous medical & dental history. It also will include appropriate standard X rays and other treatment that time allows.